Crop a part of the image with Python, Pillow (trimming)

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In Image module of the image processing library Pillow (PIL) of Python, crop() for cutting out a partial area of an image is provided.

Here, the following cases will be described with sample code.

  • Normal crop
  • Specify outside area
  • Crop the center of the image
  • Crop the largest square from the rectangle

Please refer to the following post for the installation and basic usage of Pillow (PIL).

If you want to create a transparent image by cutting out a shape other than a rectangle (such as a circle), use putalpha().

Import Image from PIL and open the target image.

from PIL import Image

im ='data/src/lena.jpg')

original image

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Normal crop

Set the cropping area with box=(left, upper, right, lower).

The top left coordinates correspond to (x, y) = (left, upper), and the bottom right coordinates correspond to (x, y) = (right, lower). The area to be cropped is left <= x <right and upper <= y <lower, and the pixels of x = right andy = lower are not included.

Be careful not to forget that box requires ().

im_crop = im.crop((100, 75, 300, 150))'data/dst/lena_pillow_crop.jpg', quality=95)

If you just want to save the cropped image without using it for other processing, you can write in one line.

im.crop((100, 75, 300, 150)).save('data/dst/lena_pillow_crop.jpg', quality=95)

Pillow Image.crop normal

Specify outside area

If the outside of the image is set in the cropping area, an error does not occur and the image is displayed in black.

im_crop_outside = im.crop((100, 175, 300, 250))'data/dst/lena_pillow_crop_outside.jpg', quality=95)

Pillow Image.crop outside area

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Crop the center of the image

If you want to crop the center of the image to any size, it is convenient to define the following function.

def crop_center(pil_img, crop_width, crop_height):
    img_width, img_height = pil_img.size
    return pil_img.crop(((img_width - crop_width) // 2,
                         (img_height - crop_height) // 2,
                         (img_width + crop_width) // 2,
                         (img_height + crop_height) // 2))

An example of using this function is as follows.

im_new = crop_center(im, 150, 200)'data/dst/lena_crop_center.jpg', quality=95)

Pillow Image.crop center

Crop the largest square from the rectangle

When creating a thumbnail image, for example, it may be desirable to trim a square as large as possible from the rectangular image.

Defines a function that crop a square of short side length from the center of the rectangular image.

def crop_max_square(pil_img):
    return crop_center(pil_img, min(pil_img.size), min(pil_img.size))

An example of using this function is as follows.

im_new = crop_max_square(im)'data/dst/lena_crop_max_square.jpg', quality=95)

Pillow Image.crop largest square

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