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In the Image module of the Python image processing library Pillow(PIL), a method rotate() for rotating an image is provided.

This article describes each parameter of rotate().

  • Rotation angle: angle
  • Resampling Filters: resample
  • Expand output image size: expand
  • Coordinates of the center of rotation: center
  • Translation: translate
  • Outer Color: fillcolor

Please refer to the following article for installation and basic usage of Pillow(PIL).

Use flip() and mirror() of the ImageOps module to flip the image vertically or horizontally.

See the following article for image rotation with OpenCV, NumPy.

Load the images as follows:

from PIL import Image

im ='data/src/lena.jpg')


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Rotation angle: angle

In rotate(), specify the rotation angle in degrees as the first parameter angle. The direction of rotation is counterclockwise.

Rotate 90 degrees:

im_rotate = im.rotate(90)

Pillow rotate 90

Rotate 45 degrees.

im_rotate = im.rotate(45)

Pillow rotate 45

Resampling Filters: resample

The parameter resample can be used to specify the resampling filter.

  • Image.NEAREST (Nearest neighbor / default)
  • Image.BILINEAR
  • Image.BICUBIC

With Image.BICUBIC, the details are clearer than the default Image.NEAREST.

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, resample=Image.BICUBIC)

Pillow rotate 45 bicubic

Expand output image size: expand

As can be seen from the output image of the above example, by default the size of the output image is equal to the size of the input image, and parts outside the region are truncated.

If you want to keep the whole rotated image, set the parameter expand to True.

im_rotate = im.rotate(90, expand=True)

Pillow rotate 90 expand

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, expand=True)

Pillow rotate 45 expand

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Coordinates of the center of rotation: center

You can specify the rotation center position with the parameter center. By default, center is the center of the image.

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, center=(0, 60))

Pillow rotate 45 change center

In the case of expand=True, the output image area is determined assuming that the image is rotated about the image center.

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, center=(0, 60), expand=True)

Pillow rotate 45 change center expand

Translation: translate

You can translate before rotation with the parameter translate. translate is specified by (translation distance in x direction, translation distance in y direction).

Without rotation:

im_rotate = im.rotate(0, translate=(100, 50))

Pillow rotate 0 translate

Rotate 45 degrees and translate:

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, translate=(100, 50))

Pillow rotate 45 translate

If expand=True, the output image area is determined assuming that the image is rotated without translation.

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, translate=(100, 50), expand=True)

Pillow rotate 45 translate expand

Outer Color: fillcolor

You can specify the outer color with the fillcolor. The default color is black.

In the case of RGB images, it is specified as a tuple of (R, G, B).

im_rotate = im.rotate(45, fillcolor=(255, 128, 0), expand=True)

Pillow rotate 45 fillcolor expand

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